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National EachBuyer KGBDeal of the Day (10th December 2013) from kgbdeals UK

£38 for a 1.8L garment steamer - leave your clothes feeling fresh and wrinkle-free without the need for an ironThroughout history, mankind has found innovative new ways of harnessing the power of steam - from powering our trains and boats to keeping our industrial revolution on track. Yet probably the most useful applications of steam have come about in far more recent times...such as luxury steam rooms in gyms, or steamed milk in our Chai Lattes. The best use of steam we’ve ever seen has to be in the garment steamer from EachBuyer, which can be yours for just £38. Easy to set up and ready to steam in 45 seconds, this handy appliance will leave your clothes feeling fresh and pressed in minutes – without an iron in sight! The innovative cleaner works on any fabric without risk of damage, and can even be used on furniture, curtains and bedding to keep your home feeling clean. what's in the box...- Garment steamer- Folding extendable hanger- Fabric brush- Trouser pressabout EachBuyerBy treating each buyer as the most important person in the world, EachBuyer have become successful as one of the biggest top sellers on eBay and Amazon, processing over 20,000 orders each day and shipping their products to millions of customers worldwide. They offer their buyers, plenty of choice (currently over 10,000 products) at the lowest price possible within the realm of quality standards.