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Safeway Tips on How to Handle Your Kids Halloween Haul from Safeway

No doubt, kids will cackle with delight over their bagful of candy. But you can prevent a frightening free-for-all-without spoiling their fun-when you try these tips.

Prepare a candy plan. Before the big eve, gather up your goblins to decide how much candy they can eat on Halloween night (maybe three to five small pieces)-their choice from their stash.

Then, decide together how to handle the rest. For example, they might get one small treat in their lunchboxes every day for the next week, then just two or three times a week for another week or two. Some parents "trade" candy for a small toy or money, such as paying a penny for each piece.

Once the excitement of Halloween passes, kids usually lose interest in their candy stash. At that point, freeze the chocolate candy for future treats, save the hard candy to decorate holiday gingerbread houses, bring candy to the office or give it away.

Whatever your plan, remember that Halloween's glow is brief, so let kids enjoy their special treats—in moderation, of course.

Dare to be different—offer candy-free treats. Kids will pick up plenty of candy, so why not offer fun candy-free treats?

Some ideas are Halloween-themed packages of pretzels, popcorn and goldfish crackers, pencils, stickers, small plastic spiders or skeletons, plastic fake teeth or fangs, temporary tattoos, erasers, packs of sugar-free gum, or small super-balls. If you're too afraid to completely nix candy, mix some toys into your candy bowl and let trick-or-treaters choose.