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Announcing the 2011 Tesco Wine Fairs from Tesco

Tesco Wine Fairs

Come and taste over 250 wines
5 cities across the country
250 wines from 14 countries
Free wine workshops
Tickets available from £6.00

Get Tasting
The Tesco Wine Fairs are back! Try hundreds of wines from more than 14 countries and get the low down from our wine experts.

Wine Walks
If you would like to learn a bit more about wine and aren’t afraid of a little exercise, why not take a Wine Walk with one of the experts.

Whilst there are plenty of wines to try around the Fair and lots of knowledgeable people to talk to, if you would like to learn a bit more about wine why not attend a Workshop?

Order & save
Once you have tried the wines, make sure you take up the Fair offers and stock up on wine for delivery to your home at a later date.

The Venues

Manchester 10th & 11th Sep >
Brighton 24th & 25th Sep >
Bristol 1st & 2nd Oct >
Edinburgh 15th & 16th Oct >
London 22nd & 23rd Oct >

Book Now
Tickets £6-£10

Visit Tesco Wine to Book