About Socialshopping

Today, most shops – whether online or offline, global brands or family businesses – run special offers for their customers. Unless you visit them all the time, though, finding out about the best of these offers can be difficult. 

Socialshopping.com has been established with the objective to become the world’s most comprehensive source of up-to-date information on promotions, coupons, competitions and other offers from retailers. 

As a Socialshopping member, you can: 

  • Keep track of what’s on at all of your favorite shops 
  • Share and discover information about promotions,competitions, coupons or offers 
  • Tell other members about a product or shop which youlike 
  • Meet and interact with other members who share your tastes 
  • Ensure that you always get the best deals when you go shopping! 
  • Shop owners and representatives are also encouraged to join the Socialshopping community to share their latest offers and interact with customers in a safe and friendly environment. 

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